From Comics to Film

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When did this become trendy? When did Hollywood finally see the potential in decades old Spider-Man, X-Men, Batman, Captain America and even Thor comics? When did moviegoers finally understand and appreciate the appeal of the four color world as it is represented in live action (with a little CGI animation thrown in for good measure)?

Comic books and film go hand-in-hand, and always have more or less. They are both forms of visual entertainment that tell fantastic stories, many times about things that can only happen within the confines of their respective mediums. Fictional literature is the same way, as are theatrical plays and cave paintings if you want to take it that far. Yet comics were always viewed as the ugly stepchild of the artistic and literary worlds. But finally, people are taking notice.

But comics on the big, or little screen are nothing new per se. For years, comic properties have found their way onto screens worldwide. The ’60s brought us Batman and Robin, and the ’70s brought us Fantastic four and Captain America, while the ’80s brought us Superman and the Punisher. Not to mention the small screen success with Shazam and The Incredible Hulk television shows. But with the advances in cinematography these days it provides the perfect compliment to the comic world at last.

Years ago we couldn’t have seen a 9 foot tall Hulk rampaging through the city without it looking like the “50 Foot Tall Woman” in production value. We wouldn’t be able to see the intricate acrobatics of Spider-Man, or the dark tone and gritty nature of Batman.

Thanks to success in films like Men in Black, which also derived from a comic, the list of comics that have been made into movies these days is endless. And there are only more to come. There are movies in the works based on Wonder Woman, the Justice League, The Avengers, Captain Marvel, and thor comics, and many more. This is truly the era of comics to film, and as new properties constantly become optioned and begin development, a whole new audience is being introduced to this wonderful medium that many snubbed their noses at for decades.

Now, whether all this big screen success will have any impact at all on the printed material of the same nature remains to be seen. But at least we get to see our favorite heroes and villains in 3D glory once and for all!

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